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Hello there! I am Hortencia Campbell, but you may call me ‘Tenci’ because who needs excessive formalities anyway? Since you’re on this page, you’re probably at least a little bit curious of who I am. For starters (and a brief lack of modesty), I am a goofy, light-hearted young woman with a powerful stage presence, a soul-stirring voice, and a sharp business mind.

From my days as a small Jamaican girl with afro pigtails darting around like a ball of energy to present day, I have sprouted a deeply-rooted passion for vocal performance and various other performing arts. From high school choirs, talent shows, the creation and performance of 7-min musicals to impromptu producer collectives, gospel choirs, ensembles, other performance as a solo artist, ben blessed to extend my musical repertoire. Additionally, I developed my leadership skills further through approximately four years of experience in mentoring and teaching others as a result of serving as a STEM Academic Coach, Peer Mentor, and Teaching Assistant for students at the University of Texas at Austin. Besides this, I serve as a Campus Ambassador for both GRAMMY U, the student arm of The Recording Academy (creators of the GRAMMY Awards). I have especially been blessed with the opportunity to strengthen my vocal abilities as a member of Gary Powell’s elite recording group, Ensemble 109, for the latter portion of my college career. These experiences afforded me the opportunity to further musically explore genres such as R&B, Soul, Folk, Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Neosoul, Pop, Classical Choral and Reggae music (among others).

Microphone IconTenci’s Master’s degree in accounting is strangely not boring. I think she finds it an important tool in helping sing with reckless, yet surprizingly accurate and nuanced musical improvisation. What’s to be learned from this odd partnership going on in Tenci’s brain? Plenty, I’m sure. ~ Gary Powell

It was my experience with the Music World Entertainment record label, however, that struck me with the realization of my mission in life. I visited the Music World Entertainment’s corporate office with an organization for aspiring leaders my senior year of high school. Here, my team and I created our own mock record label and presented them to Mathew Knowles, the CEO and owner of Music World Entertainment, and his employees. The next day, my group was to give a presentation on the issues facing the music industry before a panel of judges and the other competing groups. As we toiled through research and jammed out to music and created skits for our presentation, I came to the realization that if anything could unite nations and spread joy, it is music. Upon winning competition and prize, joy and shock dueled the butterflies within my stomach for dominance as tears of joy clung to my cheeks! The entire experience was engulfed in passion. That day, I realized exactly what my life mission was: to bring forth positivity and global unity through the spread of music, humanitarianism, and knowledge.

Currently, I am finishing up a masters degree in Accounting and in the process of getting my Certified Public Accountant license (surprise!). Next fall, I will be further developing my business expertise as a media and entertainment tax accountant for Ernst & Young (EY) in Los Angeles, California as I craft a career in music. I aim to utilize my strong business and musical background to build a prosperous music enterprise that bridges the gap between popular and underground music genres and revamps the passion for dynamic substance in popular music content. I care so much about this mission of mine because music is embedded within my very essence, and I aspire to bring peace to the people of the world through my endeavors in the music business.

I am forever grateful for being able to do what I have done, and I know that I will make a difference in peoples’ lives wherever I go. One day, just as soon as my name leaves a person’s lips, a smile and a deep sense of admiration will follow because of what I have done and will do. I would be honored to aid you in your musical journey in any way I can. Let’s get started!