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How-To-Avoid-The-Russian-WinterSo, we all know the music business is difficult, at best. Music is global, but so is weather. Until you’ve survived a Russian winter, you might not appreciate how lucky you are being a musician. So, how can a Russian Winter inform us to enjoy a successful and global music career?

Russian Winter is something that I actually miss a lot, living in Texas. I love the wintery festivities – riding a snowmobile, going to a banya – russian sauna, eating crepes with caviar after and all that stereotypical fun stuff. But today we’re going to talk about something different.

You might have heard this Russian saying before: “there is no bad weather – there are just not enough clothes”. At the first sight, it might sound very simple and not so metaphorical, but if you think about it, it could be interpreted in such a way that it becomes very much applicable to many other laws of life. Being able to adapt to certain situations or environments is in the human nature and we do adapt and overcome different challenges or difficulties on a daily basis without even realizing it.

Microphone IconAll that matters is being yourself and making what you love to make – for me it is music.

The fact is, we can not escape certain things or can we change them. Bad weather or bad news can definitely ruin our day, but what do we do when we look out the window and see that it’s raining? We grab an umbrella before we go outside – we adapt. When it is just one of those mornings when we get up on the wrong side of bed – some of us will try to listen to a good tune that will pump up our mood, others will drink an extra cup of tea to get their thoughts together – everyone has their own ways. In any case, we adapt and develop our own mechanisms that help us cope with stress and overcome some of the misfortunes that might happen from time to time.

Composer/Producer Olesya Kolos prepared for the Russian Winter AND the Music Industry!

Composer/Producer Olesya Kolos prepared for the Russian Winter AND the Music Industry!

One of these mechanisms that many people love, including myself, is music. It can effect our mood, evoke emotions. It can be disturbing, as well as healing, depending on a meaning we are giving to it. That is why music is so important to me. It makes me happy to see that a piece I produced made someone’s day better, brought a smile to someone’s face, or helped overcome a certain rocky period of someone’s life. Music is the only language that can be understood internationally, and by the end of the day, it does not matter how tense a political situation is in the world or whether it is pouring rain outside. All that matters is being yourself and making what you love to make – for me it is music.

Yes, we don’t know what the future holds. We face instability a lot, especially in music, and especially in the beginning of our careers, when we are too apprehensive, usually from the lack of experience. But difficulties are here to make our lives fuller. Hard times come and go, as bad weather does. Life is unpredictable and can throw you off your feet instantaneously, but you have to be ready for it: Ready to overcome another challenge, ready to break your own records, ready to improve and become your-better-self! The most important thing is not to give up. The Russian winter is real, so I suggest you take the sage advice from the people who live there: “Wear the right clothes.” Your music career will be warmly successful.

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