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Spend a Month in the Studio with Gary Powell,
ELESVEE Singers, The Best Studio Musicians in Austin,
and Full Studio Staff. These professional connections along with detailed production skills, both musical and technical, will help expand your professional opportunities.
Come study the Music Production Arts intensely with us, ELESVEE.




The Producer Apprenticeship is a unique experience in the recording arts under the daily tutelage of composer/producer Gary Powell and staff. This is a hands-on and also “shadowing” apprenticeship; dynamic in that beyond the scheduled recording sessions of the studio itself, other learning initiatives can be designed and implemented to engage every apprentice within their specific interests and goals.
Think of this as an enmeshed and very personal experience within the recording studio production arts. You will shadow composer/producer Gary Powell in every manner of his successful career; musically, technically, creatively, and learn from his business acumen.This is where you will develop your professional Music Production Portfolio.

TIME: All weekdays from 10am – 6pm. Apprentices can also schedule personal recording sessions after 6pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends.
PLACE: Powell Studio Productions in Austin, TX
ACCESS: Apprentices have full access to the studio in off hours.
VOCAL TRAINING: Apprentices can participate in all levels of training within ELESVEE – Lone Star Voices.
VOCAL PEDAGOGY: Apprentices, if interested, can also be taught how to teach, coach, and produce other singers who are students within ELESVEE. Individual vocal sessions and group sessions of no more than eight student singers are coached in each ELESVEE recording session. (This is truly a unique experience.)
MUSIC PRODUCTION: We can offer to teach almost anything in the recording production arts that the apprentice wants to learn.
  Apprentices will have access to, and be tutored by, our staff members and other professionals at scheduled times. All these private music production tutelage sessions, relevant music theory, home production, instruments, songwriting, and musicianship sessions are included in the apprenticeship. They will cover intermediate to expert studio recording skills working within the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Digital Performer by MOTU. Although not taught, the studio is also equipped with Pro Tools, Cubase,and Ableton Live.

MENTORING: Growth in any professional career is always enhanced when having access to a mentor who shepherds thought processes, business and personal, and one who has a keen eye and ear on the mentee and their choices. Mentors are not meant to be best friends, but are best when they are trusted, truthful, loyal and very present allies. Apprentices will not only be lunching and dining, but will also be included in as many meetings, auditions, assessments, recording sessions, etc., as possible.
MUSIC BUSINESS: Apprentices will have access to any of Gary Powell’s relevant music business contracts, old and new; learn client management, negotiation skills with her own clients or upcoming record companies, agents, or managers. Within music business, it is helpful to understand not only technological changes, but also cultural changes.
PRODUCER APPRENTICESHIP INCLUDES: All recording Producer, Audio Engineer and Studio Fees, and other Producer Apprenticeship opportunities including all 3rd party teachers, such as piano instructors, music theory, or music production tutors. Studio Photo shoots and Video Production, if not requiring 3rd party engagement are also included.

ADDENDUM: The ELESVEE staff will inform and submit an estimate to apprentices concerning all 3rd party expenses for musicians or video production before engaging those services.When the schedule or opportunity calls for it, the weekends are included in the monthly fee. The daily rate does not apply for weekends.
In maintaining the high production level expected at Powell Studio Productions, apprentices should expect to produce only top professional quality productions. Outside the schedule of the studio itself, the dedication, focus, and skill of the apprentice will determine how many projects can be produced in one month.
Communication is key to a successful apprenticeship. With each apprenticeship and with the approval of each apprentice, We will happily bring the parent or sponsor into the production process as we go. Please feel free to call Gary Powell anytime. We want this to be a special experience for our apprentices and the ELESVEE staff.

Please call for more information about housing opportunities and apprenticeships pricing.

Better Music, Better World ~ Gary Powell

We have all the answers to your questions.
For the details, please Email, Text or Call Gary Powell Directly.
512-970-8888 (mobile)

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