Microphone Icon ELESVEE vocal training bares little resemblance to traditional voice lessons. In that, the typical weekly voice lesson itself gives up too much yardage for young singers to improve steadily and predictably. Two words, CONTINUITY and DISCIPLINE, come to mind as the new educational focal point. Here’s why: Education must engage and stretch students beyond their young experiences. This is an adventure for the intellect and senses within a safe environment. The hard-knocks of all art industries, inclusive of music, will seem less hard the more students are prepared through a disciplined mentor-ship.

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The Singer Apprenticeship is a unique experience in the recording arts under the daily tutelage of composer/producer Gary Powell. This apprenticeship addresses all aspects of the vocal arts, both in performance and recording. Other music production techniques which enhance vocal and studio skills are also taught; hands on! Learning initiatives can be designed and implemented to engage every singer apprentice within their specific vocal interests and goals. A singer’s personal goals are determined and set in place early in the process.

Think of this as an immersive and very personal experience. Knowledge within the recording studio production arts is seldom addressed in traditional voice lessons. So, we suggest you not even consider this apprenticeship as “voice lessons.” The depth and breadth of this training, integrated into the unique talents and aspirations of individual singers is fabulously complex, yet masterfully and creatively presented.

SESSIONS: Nine hours of training per week: Three hours per day, three days per week; Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

SESSION TIMES: Clients schedules will be accommodated as much as possible.

APPRENTICES: No more than Four singers per session. Great care will be taken in matching singers’ talent.

PLACE: Powell Studio Productions in Austin, TX

VOCAL PEDAGOGY: Apprentices, when appropriate, can also be taught how to teach, coach, and produce other singers who are students within ELESVEE.

MUSIC PRODUCTION: Singer Apprentices will also work both sides of the “glass,” learning to edit their own performances and beginning training in all aspects of the vocal recording arts, as well.

MENTORING: Growth in any professional career is always enhanced when having access to a mentor who shepherds thought processes, business and personal, and one who has a keen eye and ear on the mentee and their choices. Mentors are not meant to be best friends, but are most effective when they are trusted, truthful, loyal and very present allies.

SINGER APPRENTICESHIP INCLUDES: All recording Producers, Audio Engineer and Studio Fees. Professionally mixed audio recordings from training sessions are also included. Other Singer Apprenticeship opportunities include any video which was shot and produced during training sessions.

ADDENDUM: Full song production and/or video production for individual apprentices is not included in the Singers Apprenticeship fee. Production projects, both audio and video, are beyond the reach of the Singers Apprenticeship. ELESVEE offers national quality recordings and video production outside of the apprenticeship itself. If requested, ELESVEE staff will inform and submit an estimate to apprentices concerning studio, producer fees and all 3rd party costs for musicians and/or film crews before engaging those services.

Communication is key to a successful apprenticeship. Please feel free to call Gary Powell anytime. We want this to be a special experience for our apprentices and the ELESVEE staff.

Please call for more information about pricing!

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