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John Mayer

In first describing John Mayer, I need to begin with his unparalleled musical ability. His guitar playing is incredible. He is a virtuoso of blues. Personally, blues is the genre that soothes the soul. There is no other genre that appeases my cravings as much as a blues does. And his live performances touch my soul in more ways than I can ever describe. He knows exactly what notes to play that will make the audience’s heart swell with pure excitement, joy, and longing for what direction he decides to go in next. What’s even more impressive is his performances are improvisational. To put it simply, his extraordinary talent is second nature. I must’ve listened to his live version of gravity about 200 times. I can’t think of any other song that encompasses perfection as much as this performance does. He begins with a beautiful rendition of “I’ve Got Dreams” by the legendary Otis Redding. His crooning voice leaves my body covered with goosebumps. And somehow, because of his god given talent, he seamlessly transitions into gravity. He begins slow and steady, with little instrumentation. Then, the lead guitar comes in. I am not exaggerating when I say that a sigh of relief escapes my lips when he begins playing. There’s so much weight and emotion in his performance. Anyone can play the guitar. But for someone to pour his or her heart and soul into the music is completely different. And I am able to grasp the effortless depth of his emotion through a measly pair of headphones. It also goes without saying, that his singing ability is also amazing. Anyone that can play and sing as well as he can, has my unlimited respect and admiration. He has traversed almost every genre: from pop, to blues, to country, to classic rock. I am excited to see what he will release next.

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