Vocal Recording Sessions are much more nuanced than what is shown in movies or on television, including audition TV shows. If you’ve ever wondered how it’s really done, this is the session for you. If you’ve always wanted to hear your voice recorded at the highest level, this is for you. If you’ve just wanted to have this experience; let the fun begin.

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Singing is a discipline. Insights happen in a moment. Great singers train and continue to care for and develop their instrument throughout their lives. There are elements of your vocal training that happen over and over again in each session. Such as:

Genre Specific Intonation Skills

Matching Style, Weight, and Tone with other Singers in Your Session

Controlling Percussive Consonants

Controlling Vibrato

Learning Long Decrescendos

When to Choose Glottal Stops or Air

Phasing and Where to Breathe


Singers who are naturally talented often peak-out by repeating bad habits harmful to their voice or other habits which limit their vocal expressiveness. Don’t rely on your talent. Naturally talented singers can, however, become extraordinary given the tools to develop their instrument through discipline; the perfect integration of talent and training.

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Visit our SUBSCRIPTION PAGE for details on our recording sessions.