(2015) DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE Test (Coached Adlib Session) with singers Gary Powell, Jenna Long & Helen Darling on hearthis.at

The Producer’s Workshop

This experience is designed for singers or singer/songwriters who wish to have a career in the recording arts. We as singers all bring great vocal diversity to a wide choice of performing opportunities. Many times directors and producers miss the very thing that is unique about a singer’s particular instrument. Even though that certainly affects you the singer, there’s not much you can do about it. The question to ask yourself as a performer, however, is whether of not your talent or vocal aptitude matches your aspirations. The stage performer will likely prosper with volume. The singer-songwriter will often prosper with vocal intimacy. The pop or R&B singer will likely prosper with agility. Consequently, the successful career as a session singer will often be determined by your ear as much as your voice, maybe more.


We all know that almost any voice can make it as a recording artist, right? ELESVEE will help identify your talent and develop your talent by enhancing what connects you to music. Our nuanced training will facilitate the most organic methods possible for you to move toward your best chance of finding an audience. We will work in accordance with your individual gifts, aptitude, psychology, resources and work ethic. This vocal master class will be the the polar opposite experience from the typical American Idol non-constructive-ego-driven-television-nonsense. Hopefully, we will simply identify a path where you might prosper while giving you the skills to further your development This workshop should help any singer develop a wider artistic net while offering a broader perspective of what effective singing sounds like…..for YOUR VOICE!

The Opportunity is Now

A producer’s or voice instructor’s development of an aspiring musician who can compose and produce a marketable song has never been enough for success. Like politics, it has taken the power of movies, television, nepotism, secret deals and every other sordid ideal to make it to the top of the charts. It’s just that now, we as musicians no longer have to wait for what we thought of as our big break. Now, utilizing many of the emerging distribution and marketing technologies, we can finally take control of our careers while implementing our production and marketing strategies incrementally.

Entrepreneurship in the Arts

The “Producer’s Workshop” hopes to broaden any educational arts curricula to include basic entrepreneurship skills by the doing of it. This will give talented individuals tools and hope for building a sustainable business – a business they can solely own and from which they can prosper directly.